Saturday, April 09, 2011

BJ gets lucky

Yesterday was one of the warmest days I have felt up in the Alpine around Whistler. I was out shooting with Bjorn Leines, and Lucas Debari for the day. Unfortunately like the old song gies.. "...a day late, a buck short..." Seems that Terje, Blauvelt and Freddy K got to the spot a day earlier and didn't leave us much to choose from...actually they tore the place a new one. We were left with almost nothing after a 20+km woop-ed out sled ride into this spot.

Bjorne spotted a mellow drop to chute, and decided to hike the ridge to get a shot.. We had looked at the cornice overhang from the bottom, and seemed to all think it was manageable and that it could be passed on the backend. As Bjorn was hiking I seemed to get a guy feeling that he might be a bit close. I lowered my camera a bit and reached for my radio, and just as I was about to call him the entire cornice gave way. I managed to get a few shots off as the snow remaining on the cliff cascaded off, and luckily Bjorn was quick to jump back a couple feet when it started and was on a "safe spot"

The ridge up high was very thin, so the warm temps, and baking sun inside a milky overcast sky must have heated the think upper backend of the cornice, and all it took was a light-footed step to trigger.

We were lucky, but good warning to everyone that its Springtime, so watch out for Cornices on those hot days!


DURING - Bjorn clinging to the top..

AFTER.. Wasn't there snow here before?

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