Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Editing is fun times.

Yup, I am a slacker this year. I have made 1 submission so far - and currently "JUST" finished my taxes. Now I am back on the retina burnout to edit, name, and sort images for the upcoming magazine submissions. I forget the images I take sometimes. More often than not, I miss the "one" till i have looked it over 10x and think I have nothing to show for the season of work.

Here is one of those "ones" I really like.

Here is Endeavor Snowboards and 8 Mile lifer' Johnny Lyall - steppin down a classic backcountry booter in beautiful BC.
Style for miles.

In other news, pulled from the8 mile bloggers TwS filmer Joe Carlino

is in the market for a new girlfriend. Ladies... click that link.

That is all for now.
Anyone reading this?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of my CANON Gear for sale.

Anyone looking for some new (used) Canon camera gear?

I've got the following up for grabs:

Canon 45mm 2.8 Tilt Shift, as new condition with lens hood, box, manuals, and un-filled warranty card. $1100 CAN$$$

Canon 300.. 2.8 non-IS, this optics on this lens are great, no scuffs or scratches at all. The body has wear in all the key use spots, around the collar, and has been used. Could use a couple new mini screws for the lock mounts of the Lens Hood, but not necessary. Also comes with a Lowepro Soft Lens Case. - $2000.00 CAN$$

Canon Eos 1D mrk 2 body, with 3 aftermarket batteries, and 1 BRAND NEW CANON battery only been charges 1 time. Camera has the usual wear spots from use and being in a backpack. The upper LCD backlight screen light does not work -( screen readout is fine, but the orange glow light does not) only an issue at Night, I just use a headlamp when i was shooting in the dark - $1250.00 CAN$$$

Canon 540 EZ Speedlight flash - $125.00 CAN$$$

Images on request.
More to come..

Monday, May 11, 2009

So you want a print huh?... well then...

OK, so here is the deal. I am one of the "finalists" for the Nissan CUBE event - basically 50 people out of 500 will win a car. I need your help at a chance to win sooooooo...
Please go to http://tinyurl.com/patterCUBE and click on the "Register" button. it takes just a minute to complete. Then click the "vote" tab in the top right above my Canvas. There is only a few days left, and you can vote once per day. So where does the free print come in???? Well, after you register and vote, send me an email and let me know you did.. - each time, so I know who's voting!
Then, if I win the car, you can pick a shot from my website and voila' I'll print you up a photo for your own! NO, not a poster size.. I am not rich.

So anyway, I am not sure even if I will win, but if you have the time and want to help me try I would be stoked!


Friday, May 08, 2009

Winter Camping in Alaska

OK, so I have been home almost a week now. Sorry its taken some time to get this up and going - been busy catching up with real life.

Anyway, 10 days in a tent for me..

Some longer like Mr.Pendygrasse here who spent 28 days in at camp.

It was pretty epic learning how to Splitboard in Alaska, with Jonaven Moore, Scott Newsome, Jeremy Jones, and Travis Rice. Wow, what a crew.

Here is a shot of Gary getting set up to film a line across the valley in a zone the crew from Canada named "Boris Basin" after our old friend GT.

Amazing views up there.......

More to come...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Really, its easy.. you register in 1 minute, click the "vote" link in the top right and bingo.. you help me out.. so
To give a little back. Search for my canvas under screen name pattersonimages.

If you do register.. please vote once per day all week.
Send me an email each time you vote ( so I can track the numbers going up!), and if I win a car, I will make a print for each and everyone of you who helped me out!

Its really that easy!

Thanks to you all

vote here


Monday, May 04, 2009

Alaska Camping / Splitboarding Mission

TGR/Deeper... Some of the crew were in for 28 days straight.
Camping in crazy weather.. hiking / splitboarding insane lines in Alaska.. Deep in the national park.

It was epic.

I am selling my truck, and sled.

Email me if your looking for a 2003 Toyota Tundra access cab, or a 2009 Rev 800 Ski-Doo