Sunday, June 14, 2009

A day at the beach

Yes, a great Sunday. Went for a hike, swam across a lake.. sat in the sun. Everything was all good till a gust of wind lifted off our floaters, and wham... things go bad. I hopped across some rocks, tore off my hat and sunglasses, and proceeded to slam my toe into gnarly sharp rocks. no more toenail, and alot of skin gone. ouch.
Home now, beer in hand.... foot throbbing...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

With winter ending, it was time for a break to somewhere warm and sunny. So.... headed over to Hawaii for some "work". Spent 8 days touring around Oahu, exploring beaches, trails, some snorkeling, a couple of dives, and worked on getting "tanned". Or - as any redheads know means I worked on staying out of the sun as much as I could in between small stints of burning.

My wife Jamie managed lots of tanning time, while I hid from sun or went snorkelling.

Truck in Haleiwa..

Hand painted VW bus in Haleiwa..

Sick old Woody......

Mmmmm, Shaved Ice.....

Pearl Harbor Aircraft carrier... so HUGE!

I need a water housing... and I need to go Diving more.....