Thursday, September 24, 2009


All the "latest" and "greatest" of halfpipe riding had me thinking about the way its progressed the past few years. Then I started to remember a few standouts that may have been ahead of their time. Its a common thought that a person can only get out above the lip of a halfpipe as high as the wall.. so a 14 foot pipe highest air would be 14 feet. This shot was taken in during the last held Westbeach classic contest on Blackcomb. The pipe was 12 feet high. Mike went higher than 12 feet that day, and did a double backflip. this is a frame on his second of the rotations.. on his way back down.How he did that?? I dont know. He somehow mastered transitions I suppose. The sequence of this was one of my first published shots....

Pretty sweet... wonder what Mike thinks about todays pipe antics?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trouble at the Airport... almost.. whew!

Well, I was about to write a long blog about how I ALMOST didn't make it on the plane due to my Elinchrome Ranger lighting kit looking suspect. It was opened and then the security staff in Auckland decided that the battery contained was not proper for flight, and to their knowledge had to be a Panasonic battery to be safe for flight...
Anyway long story short, I convinced them otherwise, and they let me on. I googled the issue, and the first thing up is a great write up by DAN CARR - READ IT HERE where he went through the EXACT same thing at the same airport. But he had it sorted. You could benefit if your a photographer flying with a light kit.

- winter is on its way... are you ready?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inventor = Craven

Dustin Craven is an Inventor. Like the title states. Saw 2 new tricks invented in this trip. some kind of chikane 900 in the pipe... weirdness, and a handplant you may see soon that was dubbed the Warlock by Craven and Bridges...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunset @ Snowpark

The other night up at the Snowpark Resort outside Wanaka I was witness to one of the most epic sunsets ever. The lead up to the full epic was also quite amazing. Unfortunately due to one snowmobile blowing a belt, and a second crew coming to session. Things got complicated. Too many people, not enough sleds.. Too much camera and flash gear. My elinchrome Ranger setup was popping for the hour lead up without any issues. Suddenly when a second flash setup from the other photographer was put up directly beside mine, both my setup and his started mis-firing, or just not firing at all. FRUSTRATING.. different channels - still no reason why. Changed batteries, still not working. Possibly was due to distance, but since Pocket Wizards advertise that they should work at a range about 5x longer than where I was standing (AND HAS NEVER ACTUALLY WORKED FOR ME AT ANYWHERE NEAR THAT RANGE) and absolutely nothing between me and the receiver - there was no real reason for any of the issues.

Anyway, missed some amazing shots. Bummed as its been one of the only times I have had a shoot work out weather wise in 5 weeks.

Getting ready to head back home.