Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trouble at the Airport... almost.. whew!

Well, I was about to write a long blog about how I ALMOST didn't make it on the plane due to my Elinchrome Ranger lighting kit looking suspect. It was opened and then the security staff in Auckland decided that the battery contained was not proper for flight, and to their knowledge had to be a Panasonic battery to be safe for flight...
Anyway long story short, I convinced them otherwise, and they let me on. I googled the issue, and the first thing up is a great write up by DAN CARR - READ IT HERE where he went through the EXACT same thing at the same airport. But he had it sorted. You could benefit if your a photographer flying with a light kit.

- winter is on its way... are you ready?

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Daogen said...

Of course I am, what a stupid question.