Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunset @ Snowpark

The other night up at the Snowpark Resort outside Wanaka I was witness to one of the most epic sunsets ever. The lead up to the full epic was also quite amazing. Unfortunately due to one snowmobile blowing a belt, and a second crew coming to session. Things got complicated. Too many people, not enough sleds.. Too much camera and flash gear. My elinchrome Ranger setup was popping for the hour lead up without any issues. Suddenly when a second flash setup from the other photographer was put up directly beside mine, both my setup and his started mis-firing, or just not firing at all. FRUSTRATING.. different channels - still no reason why. Changed batteries, still not working. Possibly was due to distance, but since Pocket Wizards advertise that they should work at a range about 5x longer than where I was standing (AND HAS NEVER ACTUALLY WORKED FOR ME AT ANYWHERE NEAR THAT RANGE) and absolutely nothing between me and the receiver - there was no real reason for any of the issues.

Anyway, missed some amazing shots. Bummed as its been one of the only times I have had a shoot work out weather wise in 5 weeks.

Getting ready to head back home.


Ozone Kite Tour said...

Sick Picture. Too bad that flash didn't work! It would have been a crazy shot! The powder shots look nice. NZ is amazing!

Daogen said...

They grab their skis now?!!