Friday, August 21, 2009

West Coast NZ

More down days from snow. Actually just finding more to do than snow...
Explored the West Coast for a few days.
Went South as far as the road went.... beautiful drive.

There was supposed to be a great place to eat there... but it was not open. There was also supposed to be colonies of Penguins there as well... all we could find was sketch beach shanty towns, and this rusty tractor.

So we continued north to yet another place Lonely Planet says is "all time" for penguins. Hiked in 45 minutes, and found only colonies of tiny biting black flies. BUt it was really nice as well...

Further North, we made it up to Fox Glacier and walked in to the ice there... Then up the road for a view of Franz Josef.

Finally finished the day in Punakaiki "Pancake Rocks"

Slept in the car overnight on the Arthurs Pass road, and awoke to KEA birds tearing apart the car, so took back to the road.

Now in a nice hotel in Christchurch for a shower and a night in the city!


Pablo Azócar said...

Hey Jeff ... notice that you are in NZ. If you still got that Tilt Shift with you I'm keen to buy it.

I'm based in Wanaka, email or txt or call to 021 432430

Hopefully you are enjoy your time here.
Peace out

Pablo Azócar said...

ahhh my email again, just in case

Daogen said...

"End of the road" - my favorite Boyz II Men song, ever.