Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dustin Craven

I've had the ..um....er.... pleasure???? of shooting and chilling with Dustin for a pretty good amount of time in the past few years. You can find some of my shots of him HERE (also available for purchase if you need to fill space on your wall). He would be one of my picks for a rider to take on any trip, unless that trip was some kind of high end black tie affair.
Anyway... just a link to one of the many interviews you can find on this kid..
Some of my images in there... CLICK HERE

Or if you found this link by searching for him because you a girl and for some reason you dont like him....Then join this group

Either way he is doing something right.

Yes, its a BIG dream...

But someone once told me that the only dreams that dont come true are the ones that you forget about... So I'm going to keep dreaming of BIG things like these:



and one day my dream will come true... Right?

By the way, they are not my photos, these are just photos from random websites that i frequent dreaming of owning an overland expedition unimog camper... and heading South for an undisclosed amount of time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Joe SextonJoe wears some off the most redic. looking tight pants out of anyone I know that rides a snowboard... I bug him, but he rocks em pretty legit I suppose. The last couple days I've been in the backcountry with the Stepchild crew. I have been looking at every peak and bowl we go near with more respect than I have been in the past few years... I suppose being in that position for awhile after an avalanche does its thing, is ultimately a positive - and helps me remember how small we are compared to mother nature.

Anyway, I asked Joe to make a pow slasher at the end of one day.... This was the day the Raven was circling overhead... and the day an Avaanche took an old buddy.

I am glad Joe did this... this is why I love snowboarding, for moments like this...
Thanks Joe

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Losing friends to the mountains....

Years ago. while I was in my teenage years growing up around Cranbrook BC, there were only a small crew of snowboarders in the Valley. As we started to compete and travel a bit we were the "older kids" of the group. One of the groms at the time was "Little Clay"... he was a quiet, shy, short little ripper, who was always happy to be riding.. but never said much. His parents, or one of our crew always brought him up to the contests, and we all shredded together on the local stomping grounds in Kimberley.

Through the years Clay managed to grow up a bit... spoke up a little more often, and still was always happy playing in the snow. Like the rest of us, the natural progression of being in the snow playing led to Snowmobiles and backcountry powder hunting....

Yesterday I spent my day out in the mountains shooting. It was a beautifull day, blue sky, light dry powder snow..... seemingly perfect. At one point in the late afternoon I watched a big raven circling around where we were in those peaks. I have always been a believer that seeing Ravens in the mountains means some fallen mountain friend is watching over you... But it always makes me wonder who, and why?

At the days end, my phone came into reception from the backroads up the Squamish Valley, and almost immediatley I recieved one of those calls you never want to hear... -that call told me our old buddy Clay had been taken from us in an avalanche outside of Kimberley.

This past week I have witnessed a slide that shook me up pretty badly. I have posted, pleaded, and asked all my friends to make sure they played safe... But Mother Nature does not always play fair.

Clay, we will all miss you buddy, and thanks for watching out for us yesterday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just got an email update from my Mom - seems in his old age, My old man can still teach those hockey players a thing or two. Dad's team won the league championship this past weekend in the UK. he was named coach of the year in his teams league yesterday. They have been over in Peterbourgh the past 6 months or so doing the hockey thing.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today was a good day to be back at home.

Today we had a great "Heli-Lunch" day with the MSP crew... Landed, and as the guide dug a pit, we all felt the ground settle a few inches, and watched a slab release 3 feet below our guide digging that said pit. For 2 hours we sat on the peak.. hearing avy's ripping down the valleys, settling all over.. then heli'd outta there. so sketchy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My name is Jeff Bzowy and I dont give a .....

History Lesson.... Does anyone reading my blog remember the great Whiskey shred Videos?? I would hope you do... Bzowy ripped em up smashin bottles on his head, and doubling as a clown. He was also a major contributor to my shortened lifespan due to partying back in the Banff days while working at the Outtabounds bar..

Anyway, he still comes out to send er once in awhile. So this was todays MOD - Method of the Day. Bzowy still doesn't give a F***

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Its raining again in Squamish

So its snowing up high...
Pretty stoked winter came, even though its about 3 months to late.
So I am editing all day to allow me to go shoot tomorrow. Hopefully get in some noboarding.....
I finally figured out how to delete my iphone photos today. so here is a curry i made...dont know why i decided to post it. I love Curry I guess.

Drove across BC again this week....

I'm getting good at the drive across BC. Just did 4 days at Island Lake Lodge for asbc magazine feature. It was amazing times.. images will come soon.
I wish I could put my truck on autopilot...
But then would miss crazy things on the roadside like this...

Anyway... people should go see Dano's gallery in Whistler Saturday!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I went for a walk yesterday...

No shredmoshootin' yesterday, so the wife and I went for a bit of a walk with our friends Noel and Ashley down the road near Brittania Beach. saw this little gem along the way, and thought I'd share a couple shots.

Grammatic Turmoil..

In my last posting I mentioned an analogy based on a playground. Not thinking it through.. used the word sandbox.. and had someone mention that could be a call out to the Sandbox Productions guys. To make all who read my blog aware... if you read the blog, there were at least 3 crews that day playing follow the leader. If I was going to call someone out, it would be all.. not just one - Especially a crew I work with sometimes.

Anyway these guys ride on the SANDBOX crew, Brendan Keenan looking creepy,

and one of Mikey Pederson not quite as creepy...

and this foreigner Jake Koia who also rides his skiboard while being filmed by Sandbox.

Anyway, in the future I will try to be more in tune with what I write so I do not offend anyone - and if I am calling in/out/ or otherwise it will be highlighted with a LINK....

Alternatively, I will just keep on posting, links to things if I mean to. I could spend an entire lifetime doing this and probably still get called a Redheaded stepchild, but I am willing to try my best. I love you all, and I would be willing to run 8 Miles for you to prove it- although it would have to be split up into many days since I have not run more than a Km since Highschool, and that was just after elementary school when we all played in the Sandbox building castles.

Monday, March 02, 2009

New Stepchild Snowboards Catalog

Blunt used to be my favorite Snowboard Magazine. It was published by the makers of the mens magazine Hustler. Anyway, it didn't last long. Its too bad, because it was refreshing to read what people really thought. Anyway, this is the back cover of the new Stepchild Snowboards catalog for 2009. Parody cover... and shot just down the road from my house in one of the cool little Japanese Import cars I brought in called a Figaro! Stoked on this one.

Yep, its once again raining in Squamish. Its hard to complain after having a dry "winter" that we are finally getting rained on. I think the freezing level is up around 1400-1700 the next few days. The heavy wet snow will be a blessing and a curse. The frost that was building in the alpine in the last snow-less month caused some big avy's to tear out the last few clear days... so hopefully this snow heavy load on top will strip that crap out of there and let us breath a bit easier on the next clear days. A few days back we broke into the alpine at a popular sled zone here in BC. With 3 new sleds, we got up... broke the trail into the zone, and broke another zone up in the area to shoot. It was suprising to me the lack of class, drive, and creativity of some crews. They followed our tracks into the zone, into the lake, and then proceeded right up our pack trail, and built jumps directly beside us on the ridge... GO FIND YOU OWN ZONE YOU DAMN SHEEP. Within an hour there was 3 crews on the same ridge.. it was the most stupid thing I have witnessed in the backcountry ever. One massive zone... and everyone focused on what we broke into. One big Playground, and everyone playing one the swings in the corner. Luckly the crew I was with got the h outta there and found our own zones to hit.