Monday, March 09, 2009

Grammatic Turmoil..

In my last posting I mentioned an analogy based on a playground. Not thinking it through.. used the word sandbox.. and had someone mention that could be a call out to the Sandbox Productions guys. To make all who read my blog aware... if you read the blog, there were at least 3 crews that day playing follow the leader. If I was going to call someone out, it would be all.. not just one - Especially a crew I work with sometimes.

Anyway these guys ride on the SANDBOX crew, Brendan Keenan looking creepy,

and one of Mikey Pederson not quite as creepy...

and this foreigner Jake Koia who also rides his skiboard while being filmed by Sandbox.

Anyway, in the future I will try to be more in tune with what I write so I do not offend anyone - and if I am calling in/out/ or otherwise it will be highlighted with a LINK....

Alternatively, I will just keep on posting, links to things if I mean to. I could spend an entire lifetime doing this and probably still get called a Redheaded stepchild, but I am willing to try my best. I love you all, and I would be willing to run 8 Miles for you to prove it- although it would have to be split up into many days since I have not run more than a Km since Highschool, and that was just after elementary school when we all played in the Sandbox building castles.

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