Monday, March 30, 2009

Joe SextonJoe wears some off the most redic. looking tight pants out of anyone I know that rides a snowboard... I bug him, but he rocks em pretty legit I suppose. The last couple days I've been in the backcountry with the Stepchild crew. I have been looking at every peak and bowl we go near with more respect than I have been in the past few years... I suppose being in that position for awhile after an avalanche does its thing, is ultimately a positive - and helps me remember how small we are compared to mother nature.

Anyway, I asked Joe to make a pow slasher at the end of one day.... This was the day the Raven was circling overhead... and the day an Avaanche took an old buddy.

I am glad Joe did this... this is why I love snowboarding, for moments like this...
Thanks Joe

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Gabe L'Heureux said...

Damn Joe, thats a long long way from that FS Board you did down the Delta Center kink last season. Stoked you see you got his ass in the backcountry