Monday, March 02, 2009

Yep, its once again raining in Squamish. Its hard to complain after having a dry "winter" that we are finally getting rained on. I think the freezing level is up around 1400-1700 the next few days. The heavy wet snow will be a blessing and a curse. The frost that was building in the alpine in the last snow-less month caused some big avy's to tear out the last few clear days... so hopefully this snow heavy load on top will strip that crap out of there and let us breath a bit easier on the next clear days. A few days back we broke into the alpine at a popular sled zone here in BC. With 3 new sleds, we got up... broke the trail into the zone, and broke another zone up in the area to shoot. It was suprising to me the lack of class, drive, and creativity of some crews. They followed our tracks into the zone, into the lake, and then proceeded right up our pack trail, and built jumps directly beside us on the ridge... GO FIND YOU OWN ZONE YOU DAMN SHEEP. Within an hour there was 3 crews on the same ridge.. it was the most stupid thing I have witnessed in the backcountry ever. One massive zone... and everyone focused on what we broke into. One big Playground, and everyone playing one the swings in the corner. Luckly the crew I was with got the h outta there and found our own zones to hit.

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