Thursday, September 24, 2009


All the "latest" and "greatest" of halfpipe riding had me thinking about the way its progressed the past few years. Then I started to remember a few standouts that may have been ahead of their time. Its a common thought that a person can only get out above the lip of a halfpipe as high as the wall.. so a 14 foot pipe highest air would be 14 feet. This shot was taken in during the last held Westbeach classic contest on Blackcomb. The pipe was 12 feet high. Mike went higher than 12 feet that day, and did a double backflip. this is a frame on his second of the rotations.. on his way back down.How he did that?? I dont know. He somehow mastered transitions I suppose. The sequence of this was one of my first published shots....

Pretty sweet... wonder what Mike thinks about todays pipe antics?

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