Wednesday, October 21, 2009

eye-phone phun

Yes, my original iphone bit the dust on a recent trip.. so I dropped in on a new "old" 8gb Iphone. Its nice to be able to hit the app store and play with all the gadgets and add-ons the phone apps offer.

First I uploaded a program called Tilt Shift Gen.. makes some cool "tilt-shit" camera effects - so far my favorite application.

Here is a shot from my garage - an old painting by TJ Schneider

Here is one of our neighbor Jess, and her dog electra.. Electra does not like cameras, and runs when they come out.. but I snapped one of her with my phone snapper... TILTSHIFTGEN

Next up on the apps was Quadcam --- pretty cool "lomo - esque" style images in rapid fire.. Now I would say my 2nd favorite Iphone Camera application... This shot and the next, just out for a walk / bike ride with my wife in some great Fall Colors of Squamish.

More images and application reviews to come!

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