Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Editing is fun times.

Yup, I am a slacker this year. I have made 1 submission so far - and currently "JUST" finished my taxes. Now I am back on the retina burnout to edit, name, and sort images for the upcoming magazine submissions. I forget the images I take sometimes. More often than not, I miss the "one" till i have looked it over 10x and think I have nothing to show for the season of work.

Here is one of those "ones" I really like.

Here is Endeavor Snowboards and 8 Mile lifer' Johnny Lyall - steppin down a classic backcountry booter in beautiful BC.
Style for miles.

In other news, pulled from the8 mile bloggers TwS filmer Joe Carlino

is in the market for a new girlfriend. Ladies... click that link.

That is all for now.
Anyone reading this?


Dave said...

"anyone reading this?"

Nope. :)

chris messervey said...