Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of my CANON Gear for sale.

Anyone looking for some new (used) Canon camera gear?

I've got the following up for grabs:

Canon 45mm 2.8 Tilt Shift, as new condition with lens hood, box, manuals, and un-filled warranty card. $1100 CAN$$$

Canon 300.. 2.8 non-IS, this optics on this lens are great, no scuffs or scratches at all. The body has wear in all the key use spots, around the collar, and has been used. Could use a couple new mini screws for the lock mounts of the Lens Hood, but not necessary. Also comes with a Lowepro Soft Lens Case. - $2000.00 CAN$$

Canon Eos 1D mrk 2 body, with 3 aftermarket batteries, and 1 BRAND NEW CANON battery only been charges 1 time. Camera has the usual wear spots from use and being in a backpack. The upper LCD backlight screen light does not work -( screen readout is fine, but the orange glow light does not) only an issue at Night, I just use a headlamp when i was shooting in the dark - $1250.00 CAN$$$

Canon 540 EZ Speedlight flash - $125.00 CAN$$$

Images on request.
More to come..


Pablo Azócar said...

I'm interested in the Tilt Shift. Can you send me a few pics please?
Can I ask why are you selling?
Because your selling your sled too .. just wondering

Pablo Azócar said...

ups! here's

email me 2 see if we can sort things out

Pablo Azócar said...

so I guess no deal with the TS