Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Stroll in Squamish

OK, so its officially Spring... sort of. Despite the lack of sunshine, and continuing snowfall here on the West Coast, things are getting green, and I actually went out for an Oceanside walk in my T-Shirt yesterday.

Now that the snow is melted, I seem to be seeing more and more "green bags" laying everywhere around Squam. So here goes my vent to the dogowners of Squamish...


The green bags are provided for you to pick up your dogs crap. Why is the idea so hard to grasp, that the bags should then be carried to the nearest Dumpster or garbage can?????? If all you are doing is picking up said crap, then tossing it into the nearest tree, why dont you just bring a stick and flick it off the trail? I'd rater see some dried up poop around the trail edge, then hundreds of green baggies. BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER.. Use the bags the way they are meant to be used. Next time I see a dog owner throwing a bag off the trail or into a tree, I am going to follow them and throw one of my babies used diapers into their backyard or car... Or better yet grab their green bag and deposit it at the front door of their house, car, or garden.


Anyway, the rest of the walk I ignored the green bags and looked at the beauty surrounding my home. Including a zoom in of a new snowboard zone that will get hit soon....

Climbers and the slack line rigging set up along the water is always a good view..

Not sure why this is here, but its getting pretty beat up...

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