Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainy Day in Squamish

There have been far to many down days this winter, and today was just another day of wet to add to the already long winter season. I've been planning a few portrait sessions, and decided today was a day for prep... Yes, rain is falling so its a perfect day for a project...

I've always wanted a ringflash, but the price was never something I could justify adding to my already overflowing bags of gear that I dont use enough.

Luckily the internet is full of tips and treasures for the DIY'ers out there...
I gave myself a $30 budget split between the dollar store and walmart to see what i could do. At the end of an hour in the garage, I came up with 2 ringlight attachments to pop onto my Canon speedlight. I also had purchased some other gear for a beauty dish, that may get built tomorrow..

Anyway I'm pretty happy with how they seem to work, here are a couple of testers- Still need to finish them up and spray on some matte Black on the inner cones, but otherwise a cheap way to add to the portrait kit.

This one cost about $4.50.

This one about $5.00

And a few results....

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