Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a little show.

Figured I would post this so it didn't just go away on my hard drive unwatched. A couple days before the entries for the pro photo showdown were due I decided I should make an attempt. Unfortunately I was headed on the road to the midwest, and didnt have much with me on my laptop. ( Plenty of shots of my boy Eli, but I am guessing the judges don't consider baby photos as any kind of action sport) I used the shots I had on my computer and my "sent" email items to put this entry together. I didnt make the cut, but thought you might like watching! Stoked that Yosh, Dalbs and Bryn are all in for this year along with a few others.. Going to be all time!

On a positve note, I'm now going through a bunch of last years shots and some new stuff to prep another show.. Might even give a preview on here to hear your thoughts! Anyone care to give me a final cut lesson, and show me how to edit music as well?

Music by Silversun Pickups..
Enjoy. Jeff

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