Friday, July 10, 2009

Treehouse Ewok Village style..

Somewhere up the Squamish Valley is a beautiful piece of land with an amazing view. Actually the views up the Squamish Valley are all quite amazing...
This spot though, is very unique. Working most of the time alone, and some of the time with the help of a few friends lured with cold beverages and big smiles.... This particular land owner is doing something different.

Posted up above his solar-powered, live in Airstream trailer is a huge hillside filled with tall giants. Last summer a few of these giants started to be transformed. The plan will be completed in time, but slowly is becoming a site from old movies... Ewok Village...

Walking paths from a steep bank, out to platforms in the trees, complete with staircases, a bathroom, cooking area... Yes..

Of course these things are not completed yet. The masterplan is not quite worked out.. But as you can see - It IS underway.

So.. How do you feel about sleeping in a treehouse swaying in the wind 50 feet in the air with a million dollar view???

I'll let you know when I get to try it out!

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