Friday, July 10, 2009

Scotty Shaw is one of the best handplanters in the world

Pat Bridges - Editor of Snowboarder Magazine said this inprint a couple years ago. If you have seen Scotts' plethora of handplant tricks, you would have to agree. I on the other hand think he has one of the best POWDER turns in the world... so... I guess he is a really damn good snowboarder. I was going to show a bunch of images of him Jumpin... but that will have to be another post. Wait.... If he is that good at HANDPLANTING, POW, AND JUMPING.... Why is he not getting paid by a bunch of people? Simple answer is... Scott rides because its fun!

--- Although I am sure he would love a big pay cheque for doing it.

Many would say he is one of the most Under-rated snowboarders in the world... So. You do the math. He has a list of "best of's"....

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