Friday, February 26, 2010

Japan-o-rama part 2

The crew at Black Diamond Lodge in Niseko have been awsome, and we have been getting shots daily just driving around and taking short walks off the highway! We did however decide to go do a day of riding up on mountain on the Niseko United resorts. The snow was fun, and the Apres' at the huge all you can eat Buffet in the Hilton hotel in Hirafu was outstanding.

With some warm weather hitting Niseko we geared up and drove North to a resort that I cannot mention right now.....

We arrived late to the Gondola... 2:30 pm to be square.. and there were a whole 5 other cars in the parking lot. ( Considering at least 2-3 were for employees.... you can imagine how many people were on mountain.

Stepping off the gondola, we rode knee deep blower powder through steep trees.....Yes, thats right... UNTRACKED, BLOWER at 2:30 in the afternoon... AND THE MOUNTAIN TO OURSELVES!!!!

The little town is celebrating a sort of "ice festival" with huge sculptures built in the river valley just below town, It was an amazing site, after 3 of the best runs of our trip.

Today was the crews last riding day, we are just now in Sapporo for an evening, then off for 3 days of excitment and tourist activities in Tokyo!

Are the Olympics almost over???

We have all decided that the last little resort Gem will need a bit more attention on our next visit to Japan....

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