Saturday, April 11, 2009

Damn 686 toolbelt....

Yep... I'm on a bitch session here. I have owned / worn my trusty 686 studded toolbeltnow for 6+ years. During these years I have flown all over Canada, the US, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, the UK, yes.. you get the idea. Each time I have taken off my belt, thrown it in the tray though airport security, and put er back on when I got through the other side.

Now I dont imagine anyone "looks" evil or like a threat to these paid professionals that scan our baggage.. but today I must have looked like a really bad dude. For some reason I am pulled aside, my stuff looked through ( funny as its the first time in a long time I haven't had a big heavy bag of camera gear... and the power tripping security guy (not this guy, but says, YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS BELT ON THE AIRLINE!!!!

I was shocked... stunned actually... Why I thought... because its got studs??? Then it hits me... "toolbelt" yep.. mr.smarty pants saw the micro phillips head on my belt, and sent me packing.. You can go to 7-11 and ship it to yourself he says.

OK, so then it gets interesting.... The lady at the end of the counter looks it over, and hands it back to me.. says " Take it this time, just dont fly with it again" Whew, I think to myself...

So I go to the belt, grab my coat and bag, put my laptop back in the bag, thread my belt through my pants and start to walk away... then a voice shouts out .."WHERE IS THE BUCKLE SIR???"

I turned around, and said in my most polite tone, I;'m sorry, she said it was fine this time - pointing to the nice lady at the end of the counter...

"NO, THIS IS A TOOL!! he grabs my belt, pulls it apart and proceeds to walk away with my belt parts.... Meanwhile, my pants are falling down, and now I am a bit frustrated at the whole scenario.

Seriously? I ask, "I really cannot believe that in 5 or 6 years of flying, and numerous times through this same process its been ok, and today it is not?"

"Can I please have my belt, I'll just go back outside and check my bag"

Mr.Dumbasssnarls at me, and gives my belt parts back.. as he does I ask if he has a piece of string to tie up my pants...

He was not happy. neither was I.

I wish people in positions like his were not such power tripping a-holes sometimes. I understand he was doing his job. Fine, but why today?

I hate airports. I guess I could have taken the plane apart piece by piece with my dangerous pocket tool - good thing he stopped me hahahah , awsome!

Good thing I found a seat, cause now I have no bag, a book, a laptop, a camera, and pants that will not stay up... fun walk through the airport.

I'll update you again on the return flight when I try again!

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Russell said...

where did you go?